Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

More on this later, I'm too bust talking to Elspeth on the phone to write anything more complicated than that. Rest assured, though, that those three words are the simplest way to describe that experience. I have never been as happy.

Rain rain

It rained again today (what would you expect though, from Seattle?), and I can't say that I disliked it. The best part about a cold, wet day is coming home and getting warm. Chai tea is on the menu today, many cups of it. And fresh socks. Mmmmm.

Fire Alarms

Tell me, how many brain cells does it take to microwave popcorn? Or to heat anything in the microwave, actually? Is it so hard to tell the difference between the "Popcorn" button, and the "Set-off-every-fire-alarm-within-three-blocks" button? Gadzooks, two fire alarms in one week! Sitting out in the cold, alone, with naught but a teeshirt and a cellphone to keep me warm and comforted for the thirty minutes that it takes the fire department to get here and make sure that everything is okay. Woe is Jason. Woe indeed.
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Programming, and such (Content)

My programming assignment for this week was to build a pair of programs that would look through any document or set of words and then return the length of the document, the number of palindromes, the longest palindrome, the longest word, and the longest string of words. Now, this project wasn't all that difficult in and of itself, but what made it unique was how we were to write it. We had to work with a partner. Everything that we've done in the class up until now has been solo; and I think that is how most people like to do this sort of thing. Programmers, I guess, tend to be loners. That is, they like to be given a job in which they can work through it on their own, without having to interact with anyone until it is done. This pairs programming assignment was very eye-opening to me; I actually enjoyed being able to work with someone else on the project. It was very nice to be able to bounce ideas off of someone before implementing them, and having someone there to troubleshoot with you is incredibly valuable. I can't remember how many hours I've spent trying (unsuccessfully) to debug a program, only to quit and find the offending piece of code the next morning. Mike and I encountered almost no problems while writing this program up. Okay, well, we did have SOME problems, but nothing that took more than fifteen minutes of sorting through the code to correct (if (aWord == null) {return false;}). In summary; I don't ever want to program alone, after experiencing pairs programming. Working with someone is infinitely better and less stressful than working alone.

Heat, socks, and content?

It was freezing when I went to class this morning, genuinely freezing, thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. Frost covered the ground and I crossed many frozen puddles on the way to class. I love this weather, it is so much nicer to have a chilly day to look forward to than the string of sweltering days that I suffered through this summer. I think that I like the cold because it makes being warm that much better. It's much more enjoyable to be cozy and warm inside, when you know that it is freezing outside. It's dawned on me that there is a formula for this sort of thing. My enjoyment of heat indoors is inversely proportional to the temperature that it is outdoors.

On a separate note, I need to mend this sock of mine. So domestic, I am.
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